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We believe that natural beauty doesn't need flashy settings. Our goal is to emphasize the uniqueness of every Bride with subtle, elegant and classy designs.

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Organic silk and subtle laces are the substance of our gowns, but there is much more to that! All Brides who would like to take part in the designing process and realize their own ideas, are invited to cooperate with us. Each of our gowns is unique, just like the style of our Brides. We would love to create your dream gown together with You.


A mid-calf length, sleeveless gown with fitted waist. Soft silk linen, smooth outer material. The neckline embroidered with an advanced 3D bobbin lace. Zipper hidden at the back.

Vulpecula II

A mid-calf length sleeveless gown with fitted waist. Soft silk linen, thick outer, hand-made material with an interesting, irregular texture. The neckline embroidered with a complex bobbin lace pattern. Zipper hidden at the back.


Above the knee gown, tied in the waistline with a delicate stripe. Silk linen. Neckline embroidered with a bobbin lace pattern.


Mid-calf length gown with shoulder straps, made of a thicker blend of hemp and silk fibres. Hidden zipper at the side, wide band tied at the back forming a big bow. Embroidered with long, vertical crochet-lace stripes.


Long, pleated, loose dress with short sleeves and fitted waist. Wide hood embroidered with a bobbin lace pattern. Hidden zipper at the side. Straw-coloured, herringbone outer material. Soft silk linen.


Crafting hand-made laces for our gowns takes long weeks of hard work. Just like the gowns, the laces are made with certified threads (Öko-Tex Standard 100). Individual design of each lace pattern ensures the uniqueness of lace elements in every Bride's gown. And as all art pieces, the lace gains value with time.

True handicraft

There are only few lacemakers in Poland, who are experienced enough to create patterns of collector's value.


Each lace is an unique piece of art. The lacemaker needs many years of practice to become a master is his/her craft.


Even weaving a small element can take up to a few months, depending on its level of complexity.

Stunningly soft and delicate, filled with natural light and creating a perfect harmony with your sensitive skin. You deserve to wear silk on your Big Day. 

Róza Lis' gowns are made of organic, ahimsa silk. The name Ahimsa guarantees, that no silkworms are hurt during the process of obtaining silk. In mass production they are usually boiled, whereas here they are allowed to grow, make a hole in the cocoon, go out safely and live. 

This material is made for people concerned with ethics and the future of our planet. An Ahimsa silk gown makes your wedding day even more meaningful and discretely highlights your will to live in harmony with Mother Earth.


Truly unique silk obtained without no harm to the silkworms.


We love and respect our Mother Earth. No harmful chemicals nor aggressive dyes are used at any stage of the production of our textiles.


Most of the wedding gowns are made of polyester, a close relative of a plastic bottle. Our materials are 100% natural.


About us

Our aim is to create timeless wedding gowns using the highest quality organic silk that meets the most rigorous standards. Each gown is embellished with a unique, bespoke lace pattern weaved in Poland. This difficult and decorative technique makes every dress a piece of art. Róza Lis is a wedding brand for conscious women, willing to emphasize their natural beauty and values in a unique and natural way. We invite all Brides to contact us and take part in creating their unforgettable gown.

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Róza Lis is a small atelier devoted to creating unique wedding gowns made to measure. Please contact us using the contact form, by e-mail or telephone. Our gowns can be tried on in Sztuka Wyboru showroom in Gdansk, Poland. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Contact details


ul. Partyzantów 61a/4, 80-254 Gdansk 

biuro@rozalis.pl | +48 504 328 219 

Sztuka Wyboru showroom

ul. Slowackiego 19, 80-257 Gdansk

Made with love in Gdansk. Copyright 2015 by Róza Lis

Project co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund.